Landscape Installation, Renovation + Planning

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Picture above shows how we replaced an old flagstone walkway with Pavers and installed decorative curbing along driveway to match. [click for larger view]

We can install that new flower bed you’ve always wanted to an entirely new landscape.

As your landscape matures over the years it may need updating, renovating or starting over.

Newer homes might need an upgrade from the standard builders’ landscape plan. Sometimes not a lot of forethought is put into the appropriate types and placement of new plants by builders when they are trying to quickly get a new house finished and sold. We can redesign your landscape and improve the layout to make sure you will have an enjoyable and nicely scaled garden and maybe add a few of your favorite plants.

Renovation of older landscapes is also one of our specialties. When your shrubs have gotten too big to easily maintain and are overgrowing each other it might be time to renovate or start over!

We can do a site visit to evaluate your needs and determine if some plants can benefit from a renovation pruning. Some plants can re-grow from a major reduction in size and be trained into a more manageable form over time.

Transplanting is another option if there are specimen plants that might do better in another part of your property or need more space.

Nothing makes an older house look newer like removing overgrown shrubs and plants. Starting over with a clean slate can offer almost unlimited possibilities.

  • New plantings appropriate for the site
  • Grade changes of Lawn and Landscape bed areas
  • Correct drainage problems
  • Retaining walls to create new planting beds, reduce slopes and create more level spaces where needed
  • Walkways, Pathways and Driveways improved with Stone or Pavers
  • Dry Creek beds for aesthetics and/or help with drainage
  • Water Features
  • Landscape Lighting


SEE OUR PHOTO GALLERY for ideas and pictures of what we can do for you!


Landscape Maintenance

Whether you just need occasional help maintaining your landscape or would like your grounds meticulously cared for on a weekly basis we can help.

Throughout the season our trained crews are available to help:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Spring Cleanups and Mulching
  • Annual Flowers and Bulbs planted
  • Vegetable Garden establishment and tilling
  • All types of Shrub trimming from hand pruning to maintain natural forms to formal shaping/training and renovation pruning for overgrown plants
  • Perennial Care and Pruning
  • Bed Weeding and preventative applications
  • Leaf Cleanups
  • Gutter Cleaning


“We wish to express to you and your staff our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for a superb job….The finished look makes our home and surroundings so beautiful. The gentlemen who worked on the walls were the most courteous, dependable, and precise in the workmanship at all times….We are so happy with the results.”
– J.S. Burke, Va

“Thank you so very much…I think you are one of the only contractors we have ever had that are there when you say you will be, do what you say you will and don’t damage anything else. Again, thank you.”
– M.P. Herndon, Va.

“Thank you! The crew was very fast, efficient, friendly and did a good job. We’re very pleased and so are the neighbors!”
– J.K. Chantilly, Va.