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PHOTOGALLERY-LINKLawn and Landscape Care Program Options

Reliable Lawn Mowing service really does exist! If your lawn company can’t mow on a regular schedule and you’re never sure if somebody is going show up to cut your grass it might be time to check your options!


Professional Property Maintenance Inc. has a reputation of reliability and professional service because our well trained employees are reliable and have been with us for years.
You should know what to expect when you sign up for Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance services.

When you sign up for one of our programs you will be assured that your service will be completed when and how we say it will. Options are available for complete maintenance and scheduled when needed with no request necessary.

Services are available ala carte also if you find you don’t have time to take care of certain tasks yourself.

Basic Lawn Mowing – Option #1

Weekly visits during the growing season to inspect lawn and mow if needed to maintain a height of 3” – 3 ½”. Ordinarily starting beginning of April and ending in late November.


Basic Lawn Mowing – Option #2

Same as above plus twice monthly visits in the dormant season to remove debris from lawn such as sticks, pine needles etc. to prevent damage to turf and cleanout debris from Landscaped beds. (regular Fall leaf cleanup and storm damage not included).


Add any of these services to either Option with several payment arrangements available.

Lawn Fertilizing, Weed Control and Treatments: Applications of Fertilizer at the proper times to promote strong growth of not only the blades of grass but the roots also which help the lawn survive our extreme swings in temperature and precipitation. Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Weed control used in conjunction with Fertilizing to get the best results when needed.

Core Aerating: Performed at least once a year preferably in the Fall. Benefits turf by removing cores of soil which are deposited on top of the lawn to breakdown and act as a topdressing. This allows air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone which helps the roots grow denser and deeper for better stress resistance, breaks up thatch and relieves compaction. Highly recommended for all lawns!

Overseeding: Applied in Fall for best results with aeration for a thicker, plusher lawn.

Spring Cleanup/ Mulching: Landscaped beds cleaned of leaves, debris and weeds. Dig a sharp edge along lawns to define bed borders and add a top quality mulch at an approx. 2” depth.

Annual Flowers Rotation: We can install Flowers to accent and brighten that special location and change them as needed throughout the season.

Shrub Pruning: All types of pruning from selective hand thinning to formal shaping and training. Usually performed in conjunction with Bed Maintenance.

Bed Maintenance: Usually 2-4 visits to maintain a fresh look over the season to cleanout and weed beds. Re-edge and re-mulch as needed if washed out, cut back dead topped perennials and maintain annuals.

Fall Leaf Cleanup: We will cleanout all landscape beds and lawn areas and can dispose on site or haul away with our vacuum truck. Depending of number and types of trees normally a minimum of 2 visits per Fall up to weekly service if requested.

Gutter Cleaning: Gutters, downspouts and roof cleared of leaves and cleaned up. We recommend a minimum of 2 Fall visits and 1 Spring visit after trees flower. Depending on number and types of trees that may hold leaves longer in Fall or drop seeds and flowers later in Spring more visits may be recommended.


“We are pleased with the work of your lawn crew. They arrive on time, do a quick but thorough job and clean up well. Please thank them.
for us”
– D.G. Springfield, Va.

“Thanks to you + your Lawn crew for such an excellent job on my front lawn. It looks beautiful!”
– E.M. Vienna, Va.

“We do appreciate the work your guys do-they are more reliable than so many people in any service industry. I know I can count on you and on the team you send to us whether it’s for our weekly service or for our more comprehensive landscape service.
– A.H. Herndon, Va.