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Tree trimming Vienna Va. 22182

PHOTOGALLERY-LINKYour Trees can be the most valuable asset or biggest liability in the landscape. Mature trees are almost irreplaceable. We have the knowledge and experience to care for your trees properly. We are proud to be active members of the International Society of Arboriculture. The president of PPM Inc., Todd Patten, is also an ISA Certified Arborist # PD-0352A.

Make sure to hire a company that understands what’s good for your trees and knows how, when and why to prune if needed. Professional Property Maintenance Inc. does NOT use spikes (climbing aids attached to the boots) to prune trees that are not being removed. This can be very damaging to your trees and can predispose them to future health problems. Our crews are trained to safely access the upper canopy using proper ropes and climbing belts when pruning. This is Standard Industry Practice.

Professional Property Maintenance Tree Care

Tree Pruning

We always encourage you to do some research on your own about tree pruning and the need to do so. Don’t be rushed into a poor decision. There should be a clear goal whenever trimming needs to be done such as:

  • Removing dead, dying or damaged branches
  • Canopy thinning when necessary to lighten branches when there is a chance for failure because of excessive growth
  • Removal of crossing/ rubbing branches
  • Clearing away from obstacles- Buildings, walkways, lights etc.
  • Corrective pruning of previous damage from breakage or incorrect trimming
  • Training of younger trees to promote strong branch structure and spacing
  • Cabling and Bracing of weak or poorly formed trunks and branches to lessen the chance of failure

Topping is not an industry accepted practice
! Topping weakens trees by removing too much leaf area that produces the food needed for survival. If the tree or limbs do not die shortly, stored reserves are used to send out many weakly attached shoots to try and regain it’s leaf mass. Often the growth is very quick, surpassing the original height of the removed branches negating the supposed benefits! The stub ends of these cuts can start to decay internally also, weakening this point further. If a tree needs to be reduced in size it can sometimes be better to remove the tree and plant a variety that will fit the space when mature.
On some species reduction can be done by pruning back to natural branch attachment points where possible keeping the form of the tree.

Tree Removal

We are fully equipped to remove dead or dying trees. Clearing for new construction projects or just overgrown trees in a bad spot. We can completely remove your trees, chip up all branches, haul away the wood if needed and grind out the stump.

Storm Damage Removals and Cleanup

When bad storms hit our area we are available for emergency work to remove trees or branches. We can also advise what pruning or removal may be needed after the storms are gone.

Stump Grinding

Many Tree companies will only grind out the stump and maybe rake the grindings back into the hole. We can restore the area to look as if there never was a tree! If returning the area to turf, All grindings must be removed, the area leveled with dirt and reseeded or sod can be laid for instant lawn. It is also a good idea to remove the grindings when planting a new tree in the same area.

Tree Planting

Recommendations for trees that will thrive in our area is another service we offer. We have access to local growers and suppliers and can get all size trees from saplings up to 20 + foot tall specimens. Whether you are planting 1 or 100 we can supply and plant healthy, hardy trees for your project.


“Nice job-exactly the amount of pruning that was needed!”
– G.K. Oakton, Va.

“The work done to remove a large Pine and trim another was the best tree work I have ever had done! The up to date and quiet equipment used was really appreciated in a neighborhood that has a lot of noisy tree work done. You have the most professional, polite and caring team-please pass our Thank you on to them”
– J.S. Reston, Va.

Thank you for a great job. We will be using your services again!”
– B.R. Fairfax Station, Va.